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Customer stories

Anything that exists in anyone’s brain is recorded in Notion. Someone could join Deel and onboard themselves without ever speaking to anybody.

Meltem Kuran
Head of Growth

For a startup, information becomes stale quickly. We need a way to document things that’s also easy to update and makes it easy for employees to access what they need.

Thariq Shihipar
CEO and Co-founder

Notion spread on its own. Now we have a Notion wiki for every department.

Nicole Miller
Senior People Ops Manager

Notion is a workspace that adapts to your needs. It's as minimal or as powerful as you need it to be.

Rahim Makani
Director of Product

I can’t imagine life without Notion. How would we structure things? Where would we save everything? Where would teams go?

Monika Ocieczek
Product Lead

Our design system in Notion is not a deck. It's not something that's going to fall off. It's living, accessible, and open.

Ken Seeno
Product Design Manager

Now that we’re using Notion, everyone involved in a project has visibility into things like changes in scope and other status updates.

Kip Price
Director of Engineering

Before, it was so hard to stay on top of fundraising. Now that we use Notion, we've raised 100,000 dollars just in the last year.

Fernando Urbina
Director of Outreach

Discoverability is why we switched to Notion. I can find and access every last piece of content created within the company.

Sam Corcos
Co-founder and CEO

We don't have a separate to-do manager, writing platform, and project management tool. It’s all on Notion.

Maijid Moujaled
Co-founder and President

Notion makes it incredibly easy to see what we have on tap for the following day's newsletter, plus plan the weeks and months ahead.

Kendall Baker
Sports Editor

What makes Notion so cool is how you can link up many different pieces of information.

Scott Stephens
Design Operations Manager

The concepts of blocks and pages and databases made sense to me as an engineer. They tickled my design sensibilities — it just felt nice.

Vijay Iyengar
Principal Tech Lead Manager

Notion means I no longer need to go to three or four different tools to complete one task. Everything is one place.

Nick Walker
Head of Agile Delivery

Everybody genuinely enjoys using Notion. That reinforces a virtuous cycle of people wanting to contribute and use it.

Olivier Beaulieu
Software engineer

Most task management apps — like Clickup or Trello — are just pointing to the work that lives scattered in other places. In Notion, all the work lives side by side.

Sai Hossain

Notion’s ease of use is one of its hallmarks. It helps you visually navigate content and remember where something is.

Marie Szuts
Head of People Ops

Instead of attending project syncs, people share information via Notion. It makes a lot of our meetings obsolete.

Luke Richardson
Director of Brand & Comms

Notion's become a team-wide FAQ for us. More people can immediately find what they need.

William Fong
Co-founder & CTO

Investors actually thanked us for sending them memos in Notion. They really enjoyed how simple and intuitive it was to navigate through all that information.

Shmulik Fishman

Notion helps us make sure our processes are all set up, and everything for kicking off a hiring process is available in one place.

Milica Radojevic
People Experience Partner

After we moved to Notion, we saw a big shift in the way we work. Writing in other tools felt temporary, but Notion's nested structure makes it easier to build documentation that will last.

Koichi Yamamoto
Product Designer

Before Notion, it was hard to track why something was done and how it was done. Now it's so much easier to document what you're doing and discuss how to improve our processes.

Seong yun Byeon
Machine Learning Engineer

People actually enjoy writing documentation in Notion. The whole team is more productive because the information we're looking for is easier to access.

Dmitri Gaskin

Our Notion database reduces the amount of money and time it takes to get gear, crew, and actors into one place.

Thomas Frank

No one knew where anything was, so different teams were building different plans. Now, we have one place in Notion where it's all written down.

Matthias Kentzia
Product Manager

Because of what Notion does for us...we're able to get more work done without calling in product managers.

Chirag Patel

After a week, I was able to figure out almost everything about our company. Notion shrank the learning curve.

Chris Heo

Notion continues to be the easiest way to get information centralized somewhere and shout it out to someone else. For us, that’s extremely important because half our team is remote.

Vinay Hiremath
Co-founder and Head of Engineering

We got rid of nearly a dozen different tools because of what Notion does for us.

Justin Watt
Director of Ops & Marketing

If someone shares an idea with the marketing team, Notion helps us make sure that it has the right context so we don’t have to go back and forth so many times to get it right.

Kate Donahue
Sr. Marketing Manager

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If the most creative people spent a little less time on ideas and a little more on organizing the ideas they've already got, they would make more of an impact. And that's where Notion comes in.
Scott Belsky
CPO of Adobe
Notion has been revolutionary for us. I've been doing this for 15 years and I've used a lot of different issue management tools and nothing's come close to this in terms of power.
Chirag Patel
CTO, Apploi
Every day is a new canvas that we can structure however we want. We can always record information differently depending on what's most helpful.
Alex Cornell
Co-founder, Cocoon
The power of the flexibility is mind blowing. It transforms the way you work. You can create so many layers of knowledge that go as deep as you want.
Marc Collado
Product Manager, Ironhack
Notion saved our life given the complexity of what we're doing. There was so much replication and no single source of truth.
Ben Malartic
Product Manager, Privateaser
We can now keep everyone up to date across the whole team. It helps keep everyone at the right level of awareness and with our speed of execution.
Justin Goff
Product Manager, Duolingo
Notion is an organized information repository for my brain as I explore emerging technologies. It helps me catalog my research and clarify my thinking on an investment.
Chase Roberts
Principal, Vertex Ventures
We had a serious wiki issue. No one place where everything lived, and it was a scattered mess. Notion became the wiki and knowledge center to rule them all.
Kareem Shaya
Engineering Manager, Makespace
Notion is so good it makes a devilishly complex problem seem simple.
Steve Huffman
Co-founder & CEO, Reddit
I think of Notion as the bones of our company knowledge. Google Docs doesn't provide that because it's not as easy to navigate all of the different things you have going on. Now it's our absolute source of knowledge and project management.
Siqi Chen
CEO, Sandbox VR
We're a distributed team so we can't do many meetings. Notion gives us all the same information so we can keep moving.
Marie Schneegans
CEO, Workwell
You can tell the huge amount of effort that went into keeping Notion so simple. They understand that you can solve a lot of problems with one tool.
Guillermo Rauch
CEO, Zeit
We use Notion across Sales, Marketing, Product, and Engineering. You can replace Google, Trello, Dropbox Paper, Guru, and Confluence all in one tool.
Guy Marion
CEO, Brightback

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