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Create and use an upvote formula for team decisions

Using an upvote formula in a shared database gives teammates a voice and fosters company-wide transparency.

Database properties help organize your team’s information

Add context to the pages in your database with customizable properties. This helps you and your team organize information so that it’s immediately actionable.

When to use each type of database view

Teams often have data sets that need to be sliced many ways — whether it’s a shared company roadmap or list of project tasks. Database views give your team the power to customize how they see this data, and quickly bring up what they need.

Block basics: build the foundation for your team’s pages

Everything in a Notion page is a block — text, images, databases, and more. Using blocks, each page can be customized to your team’s needs.

How Mixpanel built a custom engineering roadmap in Notion

Mixpanel's engineering and product teams use Notion to move all projects forward remotely, from daily standups to roadmapping together. Get an insider tour of their team's workspace.

5 workflows to make your design team hyper efficient

Making sure your design work is innovative, consistent, and finished on time is hard enough without having to work remotely. In this 30 minute video tour, we'll walk through five workflows to help your remote design team collaborate and communicate better.

How to create a digital office for remote work

Create crucial alignment for your remote employees and build workflows proven to boost productivity and connection. This video tour is hosted by the Notion team, who harnessed insights from dozens of teams.

Build with me: Key setups for designers

Organize all your design projects, prototypes, and assets in Notion — so you never have to track down stakeholder feedback or untangle logo versions. Customer Success Manager Monica Perez shows you how to build a holistic design system in this video tour.

Build with me: The ultimate onboarding experience

If you’re a People Ops or HR leader, you need a highly efficient and central system for onboarding and orienting new employees so they become productive fast. Notion Customer Success Manager Monica Perez shows you how to build a central wiki to get full control and visibility into your HR processes.

Build with me: Notion's project management starter kit

Whether you're a product manager, designer, or engineer, we all need to juggle our projects and stay sane. Notion Customer Success Manager Monica Perez teaches you how to build and customize your core project management system step-by-step in Notion.

How teams can use comments for better collaboration

Whether it’s different departments at your company, sub-teams, or external partners, Notion comments enable cross-functional collaboration.

Permission groups are the worry-free way to give or restrict access to Notion pages

Make sure the right teams or groups of people see what they’re supposed to.

Build a website with Notion in seconds, no coding required

Company websites, team blogs, personal resumes and portfolios — we’re seeing these all published to the web using Notion. Skip the cumbersome web developers and create a website without any coding.

Sharing & permissions

With Notion's share menu, you can control exactly who has access to your content, and what level of access they have.

Intro to Timeline view

Timeline is a new type of Notion database that’s way more than a Gantt chart. It gives you complete flexibility to scope projects, adjust their timelines, and customize your workflow.

The best way to set up your team’s sidebar for clear organization

Fewer top-level pages — for each department and company-wide information — is the key to maintaining a tidy sidebar.

The only Notion setup you need for keeping New Year’s resolutions

Maybe your resolutions didn’t go as planned this past year (totally understandable). For the upcoming year, create a plan of action using this setup for goal-setting and keeping those goals top of mind.

Start fresh and do the thing: How to actually set and hit team goals this year

Achieving the goals you set for your team this year comes down to a plan. Using this system, your goals are top of mind and actionable, so your team knows who’s working on what and when it’s due.

What is Notion?

Notion is a single space where you can think, write, and plan. Capture thoughts, manage projects, or even run an entire company — and do it exactly the way you want.

Switch from Confluence to Notion with our easy importer

Our Confluence importer moves all your work (even thousands of pages!) into Notion with just a few clicks. It arrives in Notion perfectly formatted so you can start fresh — and realize the benefits of more modern tools that go far beyond a wiki.

Timeline view unlocks high-output planning for your team

Timeline is a new type of Notion database that’s way more than a Gantt chart. It gives you complete flexibility to scope projects, adjust their timelines, and customize your workflow.

How to create a content calendar for your marketing team

One place for all your marketing team’s content — from deadlines and blog drafts to social media posts and podcast audio.

Setting up Notion for school

Heading back to school? Notion's here to help. We'll show you how to upgrade your workspace for free, how to set up your workspace for keeping track of notes, thesis planning, job hunting and more, as well as how to collaborate with other students.

Creating links & backlinks

Connect your thoughts and ideas with links! Every time you make a link, Notion creates a backlink for you automatically. We'll show you how this can be helpful as you're managing tasks & projects, building a company wiki, or just taking some notes.

Product teams nail cross-functional collaboration with these notes and docs templates

Product teams operate as the hub between many teams. This notes and docs system keeps all their work organized so no one misses a beat.

Using relation & rollup properties

Notion databases become even more powerful when you link them together. Link to a row from another database with a relation, or show a specific property from a related table with a rollup.

How to build a wiki for your company

Your wiki is home to all your company’s most important information. With Notion, you can centralize and customize it — to make sure your team can easily access and use it.

How to build a wiki for your product team

Product teams are often juggling a bunch of important material because their work is so cross-functional. A wiki built in Notion centralizes it all and makes it easily-accessible.

This project management system helps your engineering team track every initiative

A single system can manage every aspect of every project your engineering team is executing. In Notion, all the project work lives side-by-side deadlines and updates — saving you time bouncing between tools.

Two note taking systems to make your engineering team more transparent & productive

A habit of documentation is a competitive advantage for engineering teams. In Notion, these two docs and meeting notes systems will help your eng team learn together and keep everyone in the loop — building your collective knowledge in real time.

This project management system connects the dots for your product team

Centralize all the cross-functional work your product team does using one system for project management and roadmapping. Focus on what your team is executing now — and plan for what’s next.

Grow with quality using these systems to track applicants and onboard new hires

These two systems are built on the same foundation in Notion. They centralize all the important info for applicants and new employees, saving you — and everyone on your team — valuable time in the hiring and onboarding processes.

A project management system for your design team that connects all your work

Design projects come in all shapes and sizes, from a logo tweak to an entire design system overhaul. This system in Notion brings all the tools and teams together so designers can focus on the work at hand — instead of project management overheard.

How to build a wiki for your design team

Consistency is key for design teams. With Notion, you can build a wiki that brings together all your design team’s most important information, from style guides to process docs — so everyone on your team is executing off the same playbook.

This notes & docs system makes your design team more efficient

Documentation and design go hand-in-hand. But many teams don’t have anywhere to collect it all. These notes and docs systems built in Notion give your design team a place to get all the necessary context for decision-making.

List view databases

Lists are Notion's most minimalist database view. All the power of a database, but without the visual clutter. Use them for meeting notes, journal entries, process documentation and more!

Searching with quick find

You can find anything you're looking for with Quick Find, now with advanced filters! Quick Find helps to make sure that all your content is easily searchable, and always at your fingertips.

Personal wiki

In Notion, you can organize every aspect of your life and work, all in one place. We've seen so many of our users create their own home bases to store all their content - we call this a personal wiki. We'll show you how to build one from scratch.

Notion training: advanced

After you master the basics of working in Notion, there's many more powerful features to discover!

Notion training: the basics

Welcome to Notion! This video will cover the basics.

Team notes & docs

Notion is built for notes. It's easy for team members to help build a living record of meetings and decisions, so that anyone can find the information they need.

Quick notes

If you're using Notion as an inbox for your thoughts & notes, things can start to get cluttered pretty quickly. Learn how to streamline your sidebar to bring some zen back to your workspace, as well as some tips and tricks to keep things organized.

Personal tasks

Since Notion is so flexible, you can manage your tasks however you want! But we'll show you two specific examples of task management pages that you can build yourself - one that's more lightweight, and one with more features and functionality.

Team wiki

Whether you share an office or not, it's important to have a central place where your team can find important information about the company - from benefits and vacation policy, to tribal knowledge specific to one team. We'll show you how to build a team wiki from scratch, and a few best practices along the way.

Calendar view databases

Calendars are a great way to visualize dates from any database in Notion. Use them for your company's social media planning, or add a calendar view to your product management databases.

Table view databases

Tables are Notion's most traditional database view, but our tables are a lot more powerful than a grid with some rows and columns! Open each row as its own Notion page, or visualize in other database views.

Using Notion for remote work

You don't have to share an office with your team to get work done. We'll show you how to quickly set up a workspace for your team to collaborate remotely, as well as some tips and tricks along the way.

Gallery view databases

Galleries are Notion's most visual database view. Use them to showcase beautiful photos for mood boards, team directories, vacation photos and more.

Board view databases

One of Notion's most powerful features, Boards are the best way to manage projects & tasks. Use them to group your databases by select, multiselect, and person properties.

Page icons & covers

In Notion, your docs don't need to look bland. Add an icon to any page to make it easier to find later, or even upload your company logo!

Types of content blocks

Text, images, math equations, 500+ embeddable services... there's a long list of the types of content you can store in Notion! This video guide shows you what you can store on a Notion page, and how.

Adding members, admins & guests

Notion has lots of permission levels so that everyone on your team only has access to the settings & pages they need, whether you're a team of 10 or 1,000.

Comments & discussions

We've all had that thought... "Did this really have to be a meeting?" By taking advantage of comments and discussions in Notion, your team can gather feedback asynchronously and move projects forward, and cancel a few meetings along the way.

Plans & pricing

Whether you're using Notion as an individual, as a team, or running an entire company using Notion, there's a plan for everyone.

Using advanced database filters

Managing tasks and projects in Notion just got a big upgrade. With new advanced database filters, you have even more control and customizability over your database views - make them as specific as you want for a more organized and efficient workflow.

Full page vs. inline databases

Databases are the key to unlocking some of Notion's most powerful features. The inline and full-page views give you even more flexibility!

Using database templates

Instead of manually typing out the same structure and content for every new page, you can use database templates to automate your processes and save some time.

Navigating with the sidebar

Notion's sidebar has all the tools you need to organize your pages, add templates, access settings & more.

Using linked databases

Linked databases let you include synced copies of the same content across different pages. Use them to include a filtered view of team tasks in your meeting notes, or create a dashboard of tasks assigned to you from different databases.

Using database views

Notion databases are incredibly powerful, and can hold thousands of items. Database views allow you to organize your content however you like!


Whether you're an avid journalist, or making journaling a new habit, you can store your entries in Notion! We'll show you two ways to build a journal in Notion, one for beginners, and one more advanced.

Publish Notion pages to the web

Turn any Notion page into a published website in just two clicks - really! It comes in handy more often than you'd think. Use it for your resume, blog, company handbook, and more.

Code blocks

Good documentation empowers engineers to spend more time coding, and less time searching around for the code snippets they need. In Notion, it's easy to add code blocks to any document - there's even built in syntax coloring for 60+ programming languages!

Reminders & @mentions

All you need is the @ key to quickly create a link to a person, date, or page.

Creating a database

You can unlock a lot of Notion's most powerful features by using databases. Just click the + New Page button and select a database type to get started.

Writing & editing basics

Tired of looking at the same old plain text and bullet points? Every Notion page is highly customizable - learn how to format text and other content blocks to your liking.

Start with a template

Not sure where to start with Notion? Templates allow you to quickly add some structure and content to your workspace, and can help illustrate what problems you can solve in Notion.

Creating a page

New to Notion? Learn how to get started by adding a new page to your Notion workspace.

Using slash commands

There's a ton of different content types you can add to a Notion page, from text & images to powerful databases. Add your content even faster with slash commands!

How to build a wiki for your engineering team

Engineers need a certain set of tools and processes to do their work. A custom wiki built in Notion lets you centralize all your eng team’s most important information.