Notion for design

Free up time for creative design work

House all your design assets, specs, and projects, and connect them in Notion. So your team can focus on designing.

Design orgs of all sizes stay nimble in Notion

If creative people spent more time organizing the ideas they've already got, they would make more of an impact. That's where Notion comes in.
Scott Belsky
CPO of Adobe

Organize every part of your design system

Instead of prototypes in Figma, logos in Google Drive, and tasks in Trello, create a visual hierarchy with all information — no matter the file type — side by side and easily searchable.

Before, we had a Google doc here, a Figma file there. Now everything's linked, organized, and accessible to the whole team within our Notion workspace.
Ken Seeno
Product Design Manager

Put your designs in context to stay aligned

Designs don't live in a vacuum. Keep user research alongside prototypes in one collaborative document. Centralize dozens of conversations with engineering and marketing to stay on top of all iterations and decisions.

Without a tool like Notion, you run the risk of ideas not being shared and context not being captured. If you don't have those, I think you're devaluing your design efforts.
Marie Gosal
Design Director, MetaLab

Scale your unique design process

Whether you're a product designer fielding requests from stakeholders or an agency juggling clients, Notion lets you create custom workflows for every project. So you can execute your particular brainstorming or research method, and change it up anytime.

Migrate without the hours of manual work

We have Confluence, Google Docs, Asana, and Trello importers that make it easy to move over all your files stress-free.

A workflow for every team

Notion isn’t just for designers. It’s a place for all functions to come together, with custom solutions for any problem.


Ship features faster with sprint tasks, code guidelines, bug fixes & more, all in one place.


Get your work into the world quicker with user research and cross-functional projects in Notion.


Create a mission control for your teams to plan projects, prep for 1:1s, and set goals.

Try Notion today

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If you’re a team of 100+, our Enterprise plan has advanced permissions and security features to give you more control over your workspace.